JILL CROSSLAND - Film and TV soundtracks


....its emotional quotient skillfully intensified by pianist Jill Crossland’s nimble fingers....

- Shakespeare Quarterly on Silent Shakespeare

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Jill plays on the soundtrack of a number of historic films with newly commissioned music,
available from the

These are featured on the DVD/videos

Silent Shakespeare
Mad Love
Britain in the Twenties

Jill plays on the original soundtrack for the TV drama Pollyanna, starring Amanda Burton, now widely available.

Jill has worked with the film composers Christopher Gunning and Laura Rossi

Jill's Apex recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations has a second life as illustrating music from the films in which this work was used. The opening aria represents The English Patient on Classic FM Magazine's cover disc for November 2004, 'Greatest Movie Music', just as the closing one was used in the Warner Classics/ RPO 2004 compilation 'Classic Flicks' for Hannibal (available in the US as Simply the Best Movie Themes.

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